The Power of Ten

Becoming overwhelmed can cause someone to become “stuck.” Rather than taking care of whatever looming thing needs to be done, it can be easy to become incapacitated and hit the couch instead. Dishes pile up in the kitchen, laundry hampers and trash cans overflow and forget making dinner or self-care! The end result is a worse situation because of the unrelated hurdle that is difficult to face.

So enters the power of ten. It’s possible to do just about anything for ten minutes in a day. The end result is often exponential, too!

Ten minutes will fill a dishwasher, empty a laundry basket, clear a portion of a garden from weeds, water the houseplants, etc. Once that ten minutes begins, it’s easier to keep going, too!

I’m focusing on the house, only because that’s the thing that falls to the wayside for me first and it’s the thing that bothers me the most, but don’t rule out other possibilities either.

It takes less than ten minutes to wash your face and apply your facial essentials (mine are lotion, mascara and eyebrow color).

It takes 3 minutes to make your favorite cup of tea to help you relax.

It takes about the same to delete junk emails from my various email accounts, or sort the mail from the day.

It takes 30 seconds to text a friend and say, “I was just thinking about you! Hope all is well!”

Stop looking for chunks of time to accomplish things and just do ten minutes (or less)! Before you know it, you’ll be getting done those things you were avoiding…. quick tip… you can try just ten minutes with the big looming thing you were initially avoiding, too!

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